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  • Physical Activity May Reduce Age-Related Movement Problems March 23, 2015
    Physical Activity May Reduce Age-Related Movement ProblemsPhysical activity may help improve movement problems linked to brain lesions in older people. The results highlight the importance of an active lifestyle for older adults.
  • Novel Approach Gives Insights Into Tumor Development March 23, 2015
    Novel Approach Gives Insights Into Tumor DevelopmentScientists used a powerful new technique to systematically turn off all the genes in mouse lung cancer cells and test how they affect tumor growth and metastasis.
  • Genetics Help Predict Heart Disease Risk, Statin Benefits March 23, 2015
    Genetics Help Predict Heart Disease Risk, Statin BenefitsResearchers found that a set of genetic variants could identify people at risk for coronary heart disease and who would benefit most from statin therapy.

  • President Obama announces exceptional science, mathematics and engineering mentors March 27, 2015
    Today, President Obama named 14 individuals and one organization as recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM). PAESMEM recognizes outstanding efforts of mentors in encouraging the next generation of innovators and developing a science and engineering workforce that reflects the diverse tal […]
  • Spring plankton bloom hitches ride to sea's depths on ocean eddies March 27, 2015
    Just as crocus and daffodil blossoms signal the start of a warmer season on land, a similar "greening" event--a massive bloom of microscopic plants, or phytoplankton--unfolds each spring in the North Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to the Arctic. Fertilized by nutrients that have built up during the winter, the cool waters of the North Atlantic come al […]
  • From programmable backbones to advanced 'apps': An end-to-end vision of the future Internet March 26, 2015
    Ultra-high-speed and programmable networks have the potential not only to make the Internet faster, more secure and more accessible, but also to enable completely new kinds of applications that can transform how we live, work, learn and communicate. Cities across the country with gigabit network connectivity, from Chattanooga, ... More at http://www.nsf.gov/ […]