About the Genomics Facility

The Ohio University Genomics Facility was established in 2007 by funds secured through a NSF award to Drs. Sarah Wyatt & Morgan Vis for major instrumentation. The Ohio University Genomics Facility has been instrumental in increasing the researcher’s potential by providing services like DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, RNA, DNA, protein and cell cytometry services through various equipment. Various new equipment and software have been added since 2007.

All the data generated by the Genomics Facility has furthered the research of many students, postdoctoral fellows/technicians and PI’s working in different areas of science at Ohio University. The facility has also been instrumental in implementing teaching modules and a laboratory techniques course in the area of genomics to various programs like Biomedical Engineering, Forensic Science, and Cell and Molecular Biology.

Apart from this, the Genomics Facility director provides tours, lectures and out reach activities to train undergraduate and graduate students. The facility has served as an important educational focal point for genomics science. With the increasing importance of genomics in various sciences, the Ohio University Genomics Facility has been a meeting place for various disciplines like Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Forensic Science, Psychology, Computer Science and Medical Sciences. The facility has been extensively supported by the OU researchers, Office of Vice President for Research, College of Arts & Sciences and Dept of Environmental and Plant biology.