FAQ: How to submit Bioanalyzer samples

  • If you are first time user of the Bioanalyzer services please check with the Core staff regarding the availability of Chip of your interest
  • Create an account with the DNA LIMS by clicking on the Login link.
  • Click on the Bioanalyzer tab and fill out the appropriate chip sample reqeust.
  • Provide atleast 3-5 ul of your sample in 0.5ml tubes.
  • Sample tubes need to be labelled with the requistion numbers and the sample names (if possible)
  • Please bring your samples along with a printed sheet of the Bioanalyzer sample sheet to 510 Porter hall
  • Please leave your sample to be processed by Bioanalyzer in the third shelf of the freezer in the Genomics facility and leave the sample sheet in the document bin on top of the freezer